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Helping parents run practices - the fun way!

At Coaching Clipboards, we understand the challenges that parent-coaches face when coaching their young athletes.


We believe that every parent can coach, regardless of their prior experience - if they have the right resources. That's why we're here to support you every step of the way.

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Who we are...

At Coaching Clipboards, we recognize the challenges faced by parent-coaches in providing a rewarding sports experience for their young athletes.


The time and effort spent finding age-appropriate drills and crafting them into fun, engaging practice plans causes many parents not to return as coaches the next year.  Realizing the need for resources and drawing on our earliest members' teaching and coaching experiences, we conceived a solution.


Enter Coaching Clipboards, a digital platform empowering parents, offering expert guides, drills, and age-appropriate strategies. Join us in positively impacting your child's sports journey – a community dedicated to nurturing skills and love for the game.

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Our App Features

Version 1.0

Our app offers a range of features to help parent-coaches:

• Use targeted practice plans and game strategies for your age group to improve skills and run practices.

• Easily create practice plans and game strategies around specific age-specific goals.

• Access a library of drills and exercises to keep practices fresh and engaging.

• Use the "On Field Guide" to keep your practices on track and organized.


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Options for Coaching Clipboards


Coaching Clipboards

Use expertly crafted games and practice plans designed to foster a love of the game and improved skills. Each one focused on age-specific goals . 


Coaching Clipboards+

Use expertly crafted games and practice plans OR design your own! Sometimes players need refreshing on a skill or to be pushed. Craft your own plans based on the skills needed for your team. Manage your team's schedule and communicate it to parents through the app.


Coaching Clipboards for Organizations

Want to have all your coaches on the same page? Use Coaching Clipboards for your organization. Decide what skills and goals belong at each age for your organization. Then craft practice plans and games specific to your organization and its needs.

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